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20131025-154719.jpgBooking town car service and airport transport for large groups
As every corporate travel manager, event planner and travel agent can attest, it’s much easier to plan ground transportation for one C-Level executive than a group of 50 managers. When it comes to planning chauffeured transportation for corporate events, conferences or roadshows, coordinating the transportation needs of all attendees can become a complex and confusing process. To help soften the confusion, we’ve compiled a list of the top factors you need to establish, with the help of your chauffeured transportation provider, to ensure no one is left at the terminal:

1. Determine Whether Vehicles Can Be Shared

Depending on the rank and preferences of the professionals attending your corporate event, it might be possible to arrange shared rides. In other instances, it might be more appropriate to schedule individual sedan service for every executive. There are a variety of options available for group transportation which offer the same luxury experience as late-model sedan service. Mercedes Sprinter vans offer a roomy walkway between seats as well as elevated ceilings that allow individuals to comfortably stand while inside the vehicle.

If all individuals attending the corporate event are amenable to the idea of sharing chauffeured transportation, larger vehicle options can keep costs down without sacrificing luxury.

2. Will Attendees Have Luggage?

Determining the quantity and sizes of the luggage that your event attendees will be bringing with them is critical to booking appropriately-sized vehicles. As a general rule of thumb, even an individual traveling alone will typically require an upgrade to an SUV if they’re carrying more than 3 pieces of luggage. Failing to plan a group’s transportation around the amount of luggage they have with them can result in a last-minute need for extra transportation resources.

3. Designate Whether Last-Minute Changes are Acceptable

Individuals attending the event may request changes to their itinerary en route to the conference or convention center. While some individuals may have the authority to request changes, others might not. Extra stops or mileage can significantly increase the costs incurred for the journey, which is why it’s essential to establish in advance which employees have the authority to request itinerary changes.

If you’re planning an event for your own employees or signing a contract to turn your chauffeured transportation needs over to a vendor, it’s essential to educate the provider on your chain of command. Establish who will be able to request changes, and which employees lack the authority and rank necessary

4. Coordinate Air Reservations

Air travel can be the most unpredictable aspect of a group transportation plan. It is challenging to determine if sudden weather events could cause mass delays. Ensure that your provider will take the time to track flights, so you can focus your energies on any last-minute details of the event.

If you plan to place individuals with the same flight times in the same corporate chauffeured vehicle, make sure that the individuals are using the same air carrier. Delays and technical issues can result in one plane landing first, thus causing one group of people to wait before they can leave the airport.

5. Ensure Your Provider Accounts for Traffic

A great chauffeured transportation provider will take all variables into account, including road closures and traffic patterns. Clarify in advance whether their services include a contingency plan and tracking travel obstacles before the journey. While traffic in Boston is often an inevitable nightmare, providers with a strong track record of fielding car service for executives should have plans for minimizing any potential delays.

Coordinating group transportation is challenging, but with the right provider, all you have to do is provide transparent and complete information on flight schedules and individual needs, and they will take care of the logistics.
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